Top 5 Ways to Wear a Square Scarf

Think a square scarf can only be worn one way…. well think again!

SQUARE wrapped around 2.jpg

1. The Wrap Around

Take your square scarf and fold in half diagonally. Place the flat edge at the front of your neck with the point down and wrap the two ends around the back of your neck and then back to the front. Let the tails drape down the front. For a variation, tuck the two ends under the main scarf at the neck so they hang out underneath.

SQUARE across body under arm 2.jpg

2. The Over Shoulder Loop

Fold the square scarf in half diagonally, take the two ends and tie at the back of your neck. Tie as tight or as loose as you need. You can then swivel the scarf around so the knot sits on your shoulder and the scarf drapes across your chest and down your other arm. Another way is to move the knot from your shoulder to under your arm. Great for a cruise over swimwear.

SQUARE wrapped around and tied on top 2.jpg

3. The Parisian

This scarf captures the essence of Paris. Fold the square scarf in half diagonally then tie the tails at the back of your neck. Now bring the ends around to the front and tie again, letting the tails drape down the front. View the full tutorial on our “How to wear a Square Scarf” board on Pinterest. “Je taime Eccentric Republic.”

SQUARE wrapped around hips 2.jpg

4. The Hip Tie

Dress up your swimwear by folding your square scarf diagonally and then tying around your waist over your swimwear. I can almost taste the Pina Coladas and feel the sea breeze now.

SQUARE wrapped around shoulders with belt 2.jpg

5. The Scarf Top

Looking for a unique alternative to a traditional top. Fold your square scarf diagonally and drape over your shoulders like a shawl, covering your chest. Take a belt and wrap it around your waist to secure the scarf in place.

Check out our scarf tying guide at Eccentric Republic for more inspiration or shop for our silk square art scarves here.

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